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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Junior's Plus?

Junior’s Plus is a refined platform that provides an extraordinary opportunity for young talents to express their individuality, showcase their inherent charisma, and unlock their full potential. Thoughtfully designed to foster creativity, sharpen skills, and cultivate a unique sense of style, ensuring that your child stands out from the rest.

What is Junior's Plus Brand Ambassador Program?

The Brand Ambassador Program is designed to unlock your child's true potential, offering a range of exclusive services, including professional photoshoots, luxurious brand endorsements, and glamorous events, to help them cultivate a unique and distinctive persona. This immersive experience instills confidence, resilience, and the necessary skills to succeed. Our program goes beyond grooming and development, providing your child with real-time access to the modeling industry. From high-profile casting opportunities to coveted work in the industry, we provide a platform for your child to showcase their talent and gain invaluable experience.

How are these services helpful for my child?

These services help in accentuating the caliber of young juniors & transforms their dreams of becoming a junior supermodel into reality. It is a splendid gateway that provides your kid with an influx of excellent opportunities like professional photo shoots, TV and Digital commercials, brand-endorsements and events. They get familiar with the art of posing by striking fab poses in front of the cameras. This will open a plethora of opportunities for your junior contributing to their dream of becoming a successful junior model in the fashion and lifestyle industry

How will the makeup and styling of my junior be done?

Lakme Academy will handle all the makeup and styling of your junior. The makeup and styling will be done only for the Junior.

Will children with special needs also be able to participate?

Yes, Junior's Plus does not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, religion, ability and gender. We welcome all juniors to participate in the brand commercial.


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